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Race For The Baltic Insamlingsstiftelse is a Foundation of Zennström Philanthropies and works to convene leaders made up of forward-thinking politicians, industry professionals, NGOs and local governments who are determined to reverse the negative trends and restore the Baltic Sea environment, so as to ensure the long term economic viability of the region. Meet our team.

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Zennström Philanthropies initiated Race For The Baltic in 2013 as a public awareness campaign. The campaign brought together over 100 organisations to partner on a 3,700 km cycle ride around the Baltic Sea. The campaign collected 27,000 signatures, which were presented to the Ministers of Environment of the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea in the lead up to the Helcom Ministerial meeting in October 2013. Today, Race For The Baltic refers to the work that Zennström Philanthropies engages in regarding the Baltic Sea. Read more.

What we are doing


Race For The Baltic works as a mediator and facilitator, bringing the various stakeholders together at events, seminars, roundtables and workshops in effort to trigger more concrete action. Read more about the stakeholders that we engage with and our current activities below.

Stakeholder Groups


Municipalities & Cities

Race For The Baltic works with on-the-ground change and has identified municipalities as a key stakeholder in reviving the Baltic Sea. We work with municipalities and cities to learn best practice from each other by establishing a network of contacts within regional governments, sustainability experts and technology providers in order to serve as a point of convergence when municipal governments need advice or service providers.

Current projects

Baltic Sea City Accelerator 


Business Community

Businesses have a unique opportunity to address today’s sustainability challenges through innovation, improved processes and the ability to reach out to consumers.

RFTB believes that harnessing this energy is crucial to returning the Baltic Sea to environmental health and has organised a series of business roundtables to bring together like-minded businesses to share experience and identify opportunities for action. Since 2013, Race For The Baltic has convened business in various sectors including tourism, wastewater treatment, green infrastructure, blue/green economy and agriculture/food production.



Research and Action must be closely linked. Race For The Baltic partners with research institutes and universities to help speed up the application of research projects in real-time, as well as increase connections between researchers and on-the-ground challenges faced by cities in the Baltic Sea Region.

Race For The Baltic partners with the Stockholm Environment Institute, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, and Stockholm Environmental Institute in the Baltic Sea City Accelerator Programme.

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