Race for the Baltic


The Mission

RACE FOR THE BALTIC will work to bring together all the stakeholders affected by the degradation of the Baltic Sea, and by doing so create a coalition of leadership made up of NGOs, businesses, concerned citizens and forward-thinking politicians who are determined to reverse the negative trends and restore the Baltic Sea environment.

RACE FOR THE BALTIC will focus on the need to achieve the objectives contained in the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) and the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and specifically calls for:

Responsible management of Baltic fish stocks

Reduced eutrophication for a healthier sea

Securing biodiversity through the protection of sensitive areas

The intention of RACE FOR THE BALTIC is to create a stronger voice for the environmental sustainability of the Baltic Sea in the lead up to the HELCOM Ministerial Meeting on 3rd October 2013.


The objective of the campaign is to create public pressure and support for decision makers across the region to implement the policies already agreed upon, addressing the issues of overfishing, biological diversity and eutrophication in the Baltic Sea.

Additionally, the campaign seeks to engage new stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region in order to ensure the long-term commitment of all parties to the Baltic Sea’s environmental health.

What Do We Hope To Achieve

That at the HELCOM Ministerial Meeting in October, our Ministers of Environment pledge to fulfil the obligations that have been agreed upon and to address the most pressing issues of the Baltic Sea.

If these challenges are met, the Baltic Sea region can become a model of environmental sustainability and management for others to follow. Additionally, meeting these challenges will ensure that the Baltic Sea area can remain a source of jobs, food and recreation for the people living there for many generations to come.

The time to act is running out and we are truly in a race to save the Baltic not only for ourselves but for future generations to come.