Today, RFTB brought together a small group of business leaders from the agriculture, tourism, energy, and tech industries to discuss next steps after the recent Baltic Sea roundtable hosted by American Ambassador to Sweden, Ambassador Brzezinski.

During the lunch, the group discussed how to bridge out and create even more interest amongst more businesses, how the industry can better influence the political agenda, and also the role that businesses should have in RFTB’s new programme, the “Baltic Sea City Accelerator”. The Accelerator programme is an 18-month advisory service that will support municipalities in developing and implementing a systemic approach to how they deal with nutrients flowing into the Baltic Sea. During this programme, cities will team up with global experts and industry partners to create action plans, nutrient reduction targets and to get the support in finding financing for cost-effective measures.

The businesses will convene again in September at the US Ambassador’s residence where concrete commitments will be presented from the business community.