Calendar of Events 2017

November 14-15, Get to Know Your Neighbour, Åland

The fifth edition of the event Get to Know Your Neighbour, hosted by Östersjöfonden (The Baltic Sea Fund), will explore how we can change the story of the Baltic Sea. Race For The Baltic will attend the event and share perspectives on what needs to be done to change the story of the Baltic Sea.


November 9, Symposium: A Sea of Interest, The Velux Foundations, Copenhagen

On November 9 2017, Race For The Baltic is attending the Symposium: Sea of InterestVILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN have invited researchers across research fields and stakeholders across different interests for inspiration and debate about a sustainable balance between use and protection of marine resources.


October 12-14, Connecting and Protecting Our Seas, Monaco

As a follow-up to the UN Ocean Conference, Sweden and Monaco join forces to move from words to deeds. Race For The Baltic has an active role in developing the programme, “Connecting and Protecting Our Seas”, a high-level conference focusing on initiatives in the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas.


October 12, Tendensdagen, Stockholm

At the annual communications symposium, Tendensdagen, arranged by the Swedish Marketing Federation, Race For The Baltic will present projects and communications from the Baltic Sea City Accelerator.


October 5-6 Our Ocean, an Ocean for Life, Malta

Race For The Baltic will participate in the EU-hosted “Our Ocean” invitation only conference in Malta. High level speakers include Karmenu Vella, the European Commissioner for Environment, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs.


September 30, DEADLINE for Digital Innovation Award

Do you have an idea or project that uses digital innovation to make an impact to restore the health of the Baltic Sea? Take the opportunity to apply for funding from the Digital Innovation Award supported by the Bank of Åland. Niklas Zennström is one of the members of the jury who will evaluating projects. Apply on


September 4-5, Sthlm Tech Fest

Race For The Baltic is taking part in the Sthlm Tech Fest which convenes start-ups, investors, and companies to explore and share new trends within the tech industry. Topics included the future of innovation, financing, energy, transportation and food.


August 28, Seminar, “What leadership is required for a sustainable Baltic Sea?”

As part of the Baltic Sea Festival 2017 in Stockholm, a seminar organized by the Swedish Institute and Swedish Radio will explore the leadership that is needed to develop a sustainable Baltic Sea. Race For The Baltic staff, Marc Klaus, will participate in the main panel discussion. See a video of the seminar (in Swedish).


August 27 – September 1, World Water Week, Stockholm

Global organizations, decision makers and experts will convene in Stockholm to focus on water issues during World Water Week. Race For The Baltic will participate in a discussion, “Plastic soup and dead zones: Source prevention for cleaner seas” on Sunday 27/8 14-15:30. Race For The Baltic is member of the global action platform, Source-to-Sea, managed by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI).


July 4, United Nations Source to Sea Webinar

Race For The Baltic gave a presentation, “Baltic Sea City Accelerator Programme: Capturing economic and environmental benefits in local communities across the Baltic Sea Region.”


July 2-9, Almedalen

This year at Almedalen, Race For The Baltic co-organised discussion panels during the Baltic Sea Days (“Östersjödagarna”) from 5-6 July addressing how municipalities can act as key change agents for a healthier Baltic Sea. Baltic Sea Days is an initiative of Baltic Sea Forum (Forum Östersjön) and Uppsala University – Campus Gotland and run in collaboration with many others within the Baltic Sea community. Further, Race For The Baltic participated on a panel, “Innovation and stakeholder engagement – money with meaning”, held as part of a series of seminars organised by Government of Åland (Ålands Landskapsregering), Bank of Åland and South Pole Group.


June 28, Baltic Sea City Accelerator Final event, Stockholm

Race For The Baltic celebrated the achievements of our pioneer cities who have successfully completed the Baltic Sea City Accelerator pilot programme. Mayors and leading civil servants from Finland, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden shared their key learnings and actions moving forward.


June 22, EU Foundation Roundtables, Our Ocean Conference

As a follow up to the UN Ocean Conference, Race For The Baltic participated in a webinar with other organizations to discuss upcoming projects and activities to implement SDG 14.


June 20, BONUS RETURN Workshop, Stockholm

BONUS RETURN is a EU-funded project to reduce emissions in the Baltic Sea by turning nutrients and carbon into benefits. Race For The Baltic is a supporting partner and participated in the introduction workshop.


June 5-9, The Ocean Conference, United Nations, New York

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Race For The Baltic and many others from around the globe joined the UN Ocean Conference. Race For The Baltic submitted a commitment to mobilise cities and the innovation community to clean up the Baltic Sea and capture social and economic opportunities.


June 2, The Peace Boat, Stockholm

As a local representative of civil society, Race For The Baltic gave a presentation to high level politicians and other organizations at “Save Our Ocean: Engaging with SDG 14 in support of The Ocean Conference” organized by Peace Boat.


May 30, Seminar on Sustainable Development Goal 14, Stockholm

In preparation for the UN Ocean conference in the beginning of June, Race For The Baltic joined Jan Eliasson, Isabella Lövin and Jakob Tröllback, among others, in presentations and discussions about Sweden’s role and other organizations expectations of the conference.


May 18-19,  European Maritime Day, “The Future of our Seas”, Poole, UK

Barbara Jackson, CEO, Race For The Baltic, was one of the keynote speakers at European Maritime Day 2017 in Poole, UK. Barbara lifted the importance of redefining activism to understand the importance of social entrepreneurs in solving global ocean challenges.


May 8, Bank of Åland, Stockholm

The Digital Innovation Award was presented at an event at Bank of Åland with presentations and a panel on how digital solutions can be leveraged to clean up the Baltic Sea. Read more about the Digital Innovation Award at


May 4, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) Workshop, Stockholm

Race For The Baltic was one of the key organizers in collaboration with SIWI for a workshop on “Municipalities role in nutrient monitoring and reporting in the Baltic Sea”. Several cities from the Baltic Sea City Accelerator programme participated.


April 27, NutriTrade Workshop, Stockholm

Race For The Baltic participated in an innovation workshop focusing on concept development of NutriTrade, a nutrient offsetting platform for the Baltic Sea.


April 25, Supercell, Helsinki, Finland

The mobile game company, Supercell, kindly supports the work of Race For The Baltic. A presentation about the organization and projects was held for Supercell staff at the company’s headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.


March 22-23, Baltic Sea Day, St.Petersburg, Russia

HELCOM arranged the annual Baltic Sea Day  where stakeholders and experts discussed key activities and programmes in the region. Race For The Baltic gave a talk, “Creating a Movement: 100 Cities for a Clean Baltic Sea.”


March 6-7, Baltic Sea Future Congress, Stockholm

Race For The Baltic partnered with Baltic Sea Future – a conference where municipalities met with researchers, entrepreneurs and investors to discuss sustainable collaboration for the Baltic Sea. Race For The Baltic presented and led a session together with cities and partners from the Baltic Sea City Accelerator programme. Read more about the 2017 conference. (Note: the conference will be held in 2018 from 6-7 March in Stockholm.)


February 10, Eutrophication Workshop at International School of the Stockholm Region

Race For The Baltic participated in a workshop about eutrophication in the Baltic Sea at the International School of the Stockholm Region.


February 9, Presentation at NordRegio, Stockholm

Race For The Baltic presented at NordRegio, the Nordic and European research centre for regional development and planning, established by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Read more about NordRegio.


February 8, Baltic Sea City Accelerator Peer-to-Peer Workshop, Stockholm

Cities worked with Race For The Baltic staff and the Boston Consulting Group in a focused hands-on workshop format taking the cities on a deep dive into their action plans, business cases and practical communication tips.