Race For The Baltic collaborated with the BBVET Edtech programme to explore how the rapidly growing industry of education technology (Edtech) can contribute to solutions addressing environmental challenges in the Baltic Sea Region.

The global edtech business is growing 20% per year and is estimated to reach €230 billion by 2020. A first of its kind in the Baltic Sea Region, the 40 week Edtech course funded by Interreg South Baltic, is training professionals from around the Baltic Sea Region to develop both soft and hard skills in the edtech area.

Race For The Baltic collaborated with the programme for one week from January 29 to February 2 at the Netport Science Park in Karlshamn, Sweden, as students worked to develop a brief and prototype for a digital edtech platform for the Baltic Sea City Accelerator programme.

The students developed concepts around questions such as: How can edtech support municipalities in the Baltic Sea Region to develop local Baltic Sea Action Plans, and restore local waters? How could an edtech platform promote collective action, knowledge sharing and collaboration amongst municipalities – and with experts, stakeholders and citizens?

Race For The Baltic will be continuing its work to develop the concept of a digital platform to support the upcoming Baltic Sea Accelerator programme, and is very grateful to the organisers and students of the inaugural BBVET Edtech programme for taking the initiative to integrate this opportunity for Race For The Baltic in their curriculum.