Arbetet för en frisk Östersjö ger nya jobb

‘Working for a clean Baltic Sea can provide new jobs’

 Media Planet, Svenska Dagbladet,  March 2018

Race For The Baltic, with entrepreneur Niklas Zennström in the lead, is working to promote investment in a fresh Baltic Sea.

Read the full article here.

Zennström vill tjäna pengar på klimatfrågan

 Svenska Dagbladet, 12 February 2018

Race For The Baltic Board founder, Niklas Zennström is interviewed by SvD, where he describes Race For The Baltic’s work with the Baltic Sea City Accelerator, as well as his investments in sustainable companies.




 Sophia Bendz: “Jag fick de bästa åren på Spotify

Sophia Bendz: I had my best years at Spotify’

 Dagens Industri, 9 August 2017

Race For The Baltic Board Member, Sophia Bendz is interviewed by Dagens Industri where she describes her career, start-ups and investments. Read more.

Staden uppmarksammades för innovativa Östersjöåtgärder

‘Mariehamn is recognised for innovative Baltic Sea actions’

Mariehamn.ax, 5 July 2017

Mariehamn has successfully completed the pilot programme, Baltic Sea City Accelerator, and which has led to new measures to reverse the current state of the Baltic Sea and to clean it up. Read more.

Värmdö uppmärksammas för innovative Östersjöåtgärder

‘Värmdö is recognised for innovative actions for the Baltic Sea’

Värmdö.se, 5 July 2017

During the past 18 months, Värmdö municipality has participated in the Baltic Sea City Accelerator programme. Now the municipality has been recognised for their innovative actions in Säby Bay and Björn Bay. Read more.

Östersjönkommuner uppmarksamades av Niklas Zenntröm

‘Municipalities around the Baltic Sea are recognised by Niklas Zennström’

Vaxholm.se, 3 July 2017

Vaxholm is one of the municipalities who has completed the Baltic Sea City Accelerator – a pilot programme to accelerate action and investments to clean up the Baltic Sea. Read more.

Niklas Zennström: “BlueTech”kan rädda Östersjön

‘Niklas Zennström: “Blue Tech” can save the Baltic Sea’

Dagens Industri, 1 July 2017

Skype founder Niklas Zennström continues to work for a clean Baltic Sea. With new marine technology and local entrepreneurs, he believes progress can be made. “We believe that there are great opportunities within blue tech”, says Niklas Zennström. Read more.

Ett nytt miljöpris för Östersjösarbetet

‘A new environment prize to award work in the Baltic Sea’

Västervik.se, 30 June 2017

At a ceremony held on June 28th in Stockholm, Västervik together with high government officials and representatives from Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Poland, were celebrated and recognised for their innovative actions and steps initiated to clean up the Baltic Sea. Read more.

Seven pioneer cities recognised by Niklas Zennström

The Baltic Sea Challenge, 30 June 2017

Seven cities from four countries have successfully completed the first Baltic Sea City Accelerator, a new approach for innovative Baltic Sea Action and cleaning up the sea. Read more.

Engaging cities and municipalities to clean up the Baltic Sea

BONUS RETURN, 29 June 2017

BONUS RETURN, participated in a ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of the first batch of cities in The Baltic Sea City Accelerator, a programme initiated by Race for the Baltic, one of BONUS RETURN’s boundary partners. Read more.

Stora framsteg för Kalmar i Östersjön 

‘Large steps for Kalmar in the Baltic Sea’

24Kalmar, 27 June 2017

Kalmar’s Muncipality will participate in Race For The Baltic event on June 28th together with other municipalities to share their actions to clean up the Baltic Sea. Read more.

Interview with Barbara Jackson, Race For The Baltic 

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, June 2017

“This is a historic year for our oceans,” says Barbara Jackson, CEO of Race For The Baltic. During the interview with Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Barbara talks about the private sectors role in saving the Baltic Sea, ‘redefining activism’, and the upcoming UN Ocean Conference in New York. Read more.

Näringslivets mäktigaste kvinnor 2017: Techprofilerna

‘The most powerful women in business and tech 2017’

Veckans Affär, 6 March 2017

Sophia Bendz, Race For The Baltic Board Member is shortlisted as one of the most powerful women in business and tech. Read more.

Ett friskare Östersjön kan skapa många nya jobb

‘A healthier Baltic Sea can create many new job opportunities’

Hållbart Samhälle, 6 March 2017

Fredrik Lind, Senior Partner and Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group and Barbara Jackson, CEO for Race For The Baltic, describe how investments in the Baltic Sea region can create a sustainable environment as well as attractive economic opportunities for tech companies and tourism. Read more.

Lönsamt att rensa Östersjön – och 900 000 jobb kan skapas

‘Benefits in a clean Baltic Sea – and 900,000 jobs can be created’

EFN News, 6 March 2017

Barbara Jackson, CEO for Race For the Baltic was interviewed by the economic and finance news website, EFN, about the economic benefits in a clean Baltic Sea can create new job opportunities.  Read more.  

‘Här får jag nya tankar och aha-upplevelser’

‘I get new thoughts and inspiration’

Chef, 1 March 2017

Caroline Brandberg, Board Member for Race For The Baltic, shares her thoughts about economic sustainability and the benefits of pursuing an MBA. Read more.

Starta lokal rörelse för friskt Östersjön

‘Start a local movement for a healthier Baltic Sea’

Dagens Samhalle, 16 February 2017

Niklas Zennström together with Johan Rockström from Stockholm Resilience Center and Tina Elfwing from Baltic Sea Center at Stockholm University have sent in an opinion piece calling to raise the profile of local cities and municipalities as change makers in the Baltic Sea region.               Read more.

Blå teknik är en hållbar och lönsam lösning för Östersjön

‘Blue technology is a viable and profitable solution for the Baltic Sea’

Media Planet, Hållbart Samhälle

Niklas Zennstrom believes that it is necessary to restart the debate surrounding the Baltic Sea. There is a belief that what is good for the environment would not be economically viable. But, it’s just the opposite. Read more.

Fyra kommuner om hur de ska rädda Östersjön

‘Four municipalities on how they will save the Baltic Sea’

Media Planet, Hållbart Samhälle

How do municipalities in the Baltic Sea City Accelerator work today to improve the Baltic Sea, and why do you contribute to a healthier sea? Four municipalities answer these questions. Read more.

Staden med i ny kamp för Östersjön

‘The city with the new battle for the Baltic Sea’

Nya Åland, 3 Oct 2016

The Swedish municipalities of Kalmar, Vaxholm, Värmdö and Vastervik, Polish municipality of Slupsk and the Lithuanian municipality Panevezys, together with Mariehamn are pioneers of a completely new project, The Baltic Sea City Accelerator. Read more.

Zennström dömer ut ohållbara affärer

‘Zennstrom condemns unsustainable business’

Dinapengar.se, 6 Sept 2016

Race For The Baltic’s founder announces the new innovation competition for environmental technology together with the Bank of Åland. Read more.

Alla kommuner påverkar Östersjön

‘All municipalities impact the Baltic Sea’

Media Planet, Hållbart Samhälle

It is not only the coastal municipalities affecting the Baltic Sea. All municipalities have rivers that eventually lead to the sea. Therefore, the Baltic is everyone’s concern. Read more. 

Miljardären som vill rädda Östersjön

‘Billionaire who wants to save the Baltic Sea’

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, 6 Aug 2016

Race For The Baltic’s founder Niklas Zennstrom talks about his commitment to the Baltic Sea and how he wants to save it. Watch the interview here.

Västervik blir del av miljöprojekt

‘Västervik becomes part of environment project’

Vimmerby Tidning, 8 March 2016

Västervik has been named a pilot municipality in the Baltic Sea platform Baltic Sea City Accelerator. The main objective is to reduce eutrophication in the Baltic Sea through local measures and broad cooperation. Read more.

Östersjön engagerar USA:s man

‘Baltic Sea engages USA’s man’

Dagens Industri, 11 May 2015

Algae blooms in the Baltic Sea is a challenge that requires extensive technology investments. The USA ambassador in Sweden, Mark Brzezinski, recently brought together representatives of the Swedish business community to discuss the issue. Read more.

 Restoring Waters in the Baltic Sea Region: Report

Restoring Waters in the Baltic Sea Region: A Strategy for Municipalities and Local Governments to Capture Economic and Environmental Benefits’  was conducted by Boston Consulting Group and published in February 2015. The report has been well received in the media and amongst high-level decision makers. Find links to media coverage below.


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