42862891180_fb37114460_zRace For The Baltic’s Merci Olsson poses with Baltic State Ambassadors. PHOTO: Peter von Fábry-Eichner


New Baltic Sea Generation: Paving the way for a sustainable future with youth action

Why is the co-operation around the Baltic Sea crucial for sustainable development? What innovations and projects are needed to enhance the health of the Baltic Sea and address climate change? How can young committed women and men act personally and through governments, NGOs, academic and business communities? These were some of the questions addressed during the half-day conference which took place on September 13, 2018. The purpose of the conference was to reach out to young people in the Baltic Sea Region and inspire them to act.

The conference “New Baltic Sea Generation” marked the Centennial of the Estonia’s and Latvia’s independence and the Restoration of the State of Lithuania and was organised by the Embassies of the Baltic States in Stockholm on the Tallink Silja ferry, Baltic Queen. Participants discussed the future of the Baltic Sea Region and how the youth can influence its course. Researchers, experts, business communities, policy makers as well as youth and NGOs from Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania joined the dialogue. Panel discussions covered topics of “Innovations for the Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region” and “Opportunities for Young Generation and Possibilities of the Contribution of Young People.”

The event was organised in co-ooperation with Race For The Baltic and the Swedish Institute with support of Tallink Silja AB and Enterprise Estonia.

“By bridging several generations and stakeholders together to have a dialogue about a sustainable Baltic Sea region is an important aspect of the conference that we are happy to support and be part of the discussions”, say Merci Olsson, Communications Director, Race For The Baltic.