Partners Engage in Accelerating Cities Towards a Blue Strategy


Research organisations, Solutions Providers and Consultants are vital partners in the Baltic Sea City Accelerator programme to advise and provide support to municipalities to help them tackle the region’s toughest water challenges. At the most recent Partner meeting, we discussed the Blue Strategy which was presented by Boston Consulting Group, circular economy, data transparency, the business case for clean rivers and more. We received valuable input and many ideas for collaboration were discussed.


Maria Osbeck, Research Fellow at Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) said, ” As a research organisation, SEI sees great value in the Baltic Sea City Accelerator programme. The network of Baltic Sea municipalities and partner organisations represent an important network for us to disseminate and communicate the findings from our projects in the Region. In particular, the upcoming BONUS RETURN project designed to explore the environmental and economic benefits linked to a variety of eco technologies in the Baltic Sea Region will be an important venue for SEI to continue and enrich our collaboration with Race For The Baltic”.