Date: Tuesday 11th October

Time: 09:30 – 16:30

Location: Nobel Conference Room, Valhallavägen 117F, Stockholm, Sweden.

Invite only.


Local Baltic Sea Action Plans lay the pathway for cities to become leaders in Baltic Sea Action. 

This workshop will focus specifically on supporting the BSCA Pioneer Cities to create their Local Baltic Sea Action Plan. In order to secure the resources, we need to set the actions.

Municipalities have a great opportunity to capture the benefits of investing in local clean waters. Efforts from municipalities across the region will be crucial for a clean Baltic Sea.


09.00-09.30        Coffee and Sandwiches

09.30-10.00        Introduction and Workshop Overview

                               Barbara Jackson & RFTB team

10.10-10.25        Background BSAP

Skype: Dmitry Frank-Kamenetsky and Johanna Laurila, HELCOM

10.25-10.50        Investments vs Benefits Creating a Local BSAP

Lotta Ruokanen, City of Helsinki  

10.50-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-12.00         BSCA Action plan: an overview and focus for the day

  Johannes RFTB

Focus Session 1: Section 3.2 – Our local strategy for securing an attractive community towards 2021. Peer Presentation: Gun Lindberg, Västervik (10 mins)

Expected outcome: all Pioneers have set their strategy and received input from peers

12.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-13.30     Focus Session 2: on section 3.1.1 Summary of the Environmental, Social Economic System – Business case. Peer Presentation: Mia Sklenar, Vaxholm (10 mins)

Expected outcome: all Pioneers are ready to scope out a qualitative description of their most important business sectors and have received input from peers.

13.30-14.30     Focus Session 3: on section 3.1.2 Major Local Sources of Nutrients, setting nutrient reduction targets and staircase.

Peer Presentation: NN TBC, Kalmar Sound Commission will present their status (10 mins)

Expected outcome: Pioneers learn from the experiences from KSC and are ready to identify sources of nutrients, set NP reduction targets and start to use staircase modelling

14.30-15.30     Focus Session 4: Prioritized Initiatives

Stormwater management action plan – Dalia/Ruta, Panavezys

Citizen engagement – Dariusz, Slupsk

Innovation for Individual Sewers – Ina, Värmdö

Sludge as a resource, Circular economy, RFTB Team

Expected outcome: Pioneers will jointly identify areas of cross sectoral collaboration and innovation. Ideas and next steps for possible joint applications will be extracted as well as ownership of joint action.

15.30-15.45 Coffee Break

15.45-16.30          Key learnings and requests for next step and innovation lab in November

Expected outcome: Pioneers and RFTB wrap up the day. Identify key learnings and key theme areas for our innovation lab in November.


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