Race For The Baltic is piloting a new programme in 2018 to accelerate solutions and finance for the implementation of actions by local governments in the Baltic Sea region to reduce nutrient pollution and improve local waters. The Baltic Sea Solutions Accelerator Pilot builds on our experience of working with local governments in the Baltic Sea City Accelerator.

Our first step in the Pilot has been to map out the primary challenges that the cities and municipalities who participated in the BSCA programme face with respect to nutrient pollution. Included among these challenges are, for example, sludge and storm water management, individual sewage treatment, and access to financing for innovative projects.

Next, we will work with our science partners to verify a select number of potential cases to work on in partnership with a municipality. From there, we will organise roundtables and ‘lab’ events where we will introduce solution providers, science and finance actors to the discussion.

During this process, our aim is to identify ways in which we can help municipalities apply an innovation and business lens when approaching their local pollution challenges. In the long term, we hope this will contribute to a larger solutions and finance marketplace for water (green, blue, circular) investments in the Baltic Sea Region.

As this pilot programme kicks off, Race For The Baltic also is participating in activities with the European Commission’s Department for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries on efforts to boost investment in the blue economy. Our ambition is to create a community of investors, innovative businesses and entrepreneurs, especially in emerging and high-tech sectors, who will help us develop a truly sustainable blue economy in the Baltic Sea Region.


Here are some of the activities we are engaged in during the coming months:

– May 17: Blue Invest 2018 (Brussels)

– May 29: BONUS RETURN Workshop on financing circular solutions

– May-June: Challenge Definition Roundtables, hosted by Race For The Baltic

– Late September: Sustainable Blue Economy Meet-up, hosted by Race For The Baltic with cities, solution providers, entrepreneurs and finance.

Stay tuned!