On Tuesday Aug 16, RFTB’s director Barbara Jackson presented at the #Sthlmtech Meetup in preparation for the larger Solutions event (solutions.org) which will take place on Sept 6 2016. Over 6000 entrepreneurs and investors will join with leading foundations, NGOs and policy makers to showcase and inspire solutions to the UN Global Goals.

Joining Sthlmtech Meetup, it’s clear that solutions to global water problems can be developed through new partnerships, including in the tech and start-up arenas.


RFTB's director on stage at #Sthlmtech Meetup


Twitter says it all!

“Today’s #sthlmtech summary

Social good = good business

Women are key drivers!

As they dominated stage time today! #femtechse #womenintech”

“Great evening at this month’s #sthlmtech meetup tonight together with Zennström Philanthropies and Norrsken foundation”

“Philantropic Tech is the key for a better world and humanity.

#sthlmtechmeetup #sthlmtech #tech #philantrophy”