This autumn, we’re working on the scale up plan for the Baltic Sea City Accelerator. The next programme is scheduled to launch in spring 2018, with a new cohort of cities from the Baltic Sea Region. If you think your city should be part of the programme, get in touch.

We’re proud of the results that were achieved by the cities that participated in the Baltic Sea City Accelerator pilot in 2016-2017. If you haven’t already, take a look at their work and the contributions made by the programme’s partners here, or watch the short video.

We’re also pleased that the cities that took part in the Baltic Sea City Accelerator pilot are now acting as Ambassadors, reaching out to other municipalities to talk about the important role they can play in the restoring the Baltic Sea.

Finally, thank you to all our partners and cities that are taking part in the external review of the pilot programme. We’re grateful and excited to be drawing on your insights and comments as we redesign and co-create the Baltic Sea City Accelerator 2018.