Research and Action must be closely linked. The Baltic Sea City Accelerator works closely with research communities to help speed up the application of research projects in real-time. There are many solutions in research waiting to be applied to environmental challenges across the region. The BSCA acts as a connecting point to bring this together.

On the 6th October 2016 our Race For The Baltic team met with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) for a seminar on the Waters for the Baltic Sea.

The seminar included presentations from seven SLU researchers, as well as a presentation about the Baltic Sea City Accelerator from Race For The Baltic.

SLU experts presented on topics including: cost-effective measures and policies against eutrophication; deliberative spaces for water management; freshwater monitoring for better environmental management; and, legacy phosphorus in sediments.

Opportunities for improved water and landscape management in municipal planning and action were discussed. Race For The Baltic will work with SLU to develop greater connections between SLU researchers and Baltic Sea City Accelerator cities, providing a platform to engage cities in long-term learning, whilst simultaneously increasing links between researchers and the current research problems cities are facing the Baltic Sea Region.