The Baltic Sea City Accelerator is a unique platform for municipalities, solutions providers, science and investors that provides a safe and inspirational space for the cross-pollination of ideas, gaining new insights and allowing new partnership to emerge. Here we work together to identify cost-effective, smart and innovative solutions to local water and wastewater management challenges. Latest News »

The Baltic Sea Solutions Accelerator is a pilot programme looking to accelerate solutions and finance for the implementation of actions by local governments in the Baltic Sea region to reduce nutrient pollution and improve local waters.

Digital Innovation Award. Together with the Bank of Åland we are working to identify innovative solutions with a digital component that can help to improve the environmental state of the Baltic Sea. Niklas Zennström presents the award in a short film here.

About the Programme


The Baltic Sea City Accelerator is a platform for exploration and co-creation of innovative approaches that meet local sustainability objectives and that can lead to opportunities for growth and improved welfare.

During an 18 month period, a selected group of municipalities from the Baltic Sea region will join forces with a broad range of international experts to identify cost-effective, smart and innovative solutions to local water management challenges.

Collectively these efforts will improve local waters and increase competitiveness, and contribute to an improved state of the Baltic Sea; securing future prosperity of this region. Learn more »


The Baltic Sea City Accelerator pilot programme ran for 18 months between 2015 and June 2017. On December 9-10, 2015 twenty municipalities brought their idea, case, or challenge to the Baltic Sea City Idea Lab to explore innovative solutions. Seven cities worked towards developing business cases and action plans together with the Accelerator partners between March 2016-June 2017. Learn more »


Note: The next period will open in Spring 2018!


Any size local government located Baltic Sea area qualifies to participate in this programme. Due to limited places, a selection process may be implemented if needed. Submit your challenge on by 18 November, and attend the Idea Camp on 10 December 2015.

After this event, 5 municipalities will be selected to move forward to the Innovation Lab in 2016.

Selection Criteria

The Baltic Sea Accelerator Advising Partners will select the final cases to join the 18 month programme. The selection criteria is as follows:

Political Commitment 

Municipality who have expressed their political commitment to the programme will be prioritised


Your municipality’s engagement level and willingness to be an active participant in all the activities is merited.


Your municipality’s dedication to contribute to becoming a leader in Baltic Sea action, especially around nutrient pollution should be clearly communicated. Municipalities that express dedication to making this programme, as well as future programmes successful, will be prioritised.

Variety of Themes and Cases

The programme aims to highlight a range of nutrient challenges, and therefore a variety of cases will be selected based on the expertise areas of the partners

Resource Requirement

The Baltic Sea City Accelerator aims to support your municipality in meeting your environmental targets. It does not intend to use additional resources from your municipality, but instead should boost current initiatives and ambitions.

Participants should expect to participate in the following activities during 18-months:

– 3 workshops

– 3-5 webinars

– Brief monthly phone call with peers

– Municipalities will also have the opportunity to participate in high-level policy dialogues, international conferences, media interviews, and participate in co-developing a Municipality


Focus Area & Experts

The main objective is to reduce nutrients entering the Baltic Sea in line with, or exceeding, the agreed upon HELCOM’s Nutrient Reduction Targets.


Why Join?

The Baltic Sea City Accelerator is a unqiue opportunity to connect with global experts, accelerate water and wastewater management initiatives and showcase municipality innovation and progress.



• Tools and knowledge to move towards becoming a ‘Nutrient Neutral’ community

• Themes: Energy Neutral Wastewater Technology, Energy Recovery, Green Infrastructure, Sustainable Stormwater Management, Win-Win Agricultural Partnerships, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Prioritization Tools, Business Case Development and more

• Tailored expert guidance for your specific challenge or case from global experts from private and public sectors, financial institutions and academia


• Peer Learning Opportunities: develop new strategic partnerships with other municipalities in this region and internationally

• Global Network: Introductions to an international community of qualified experts, financing institutions, solution providers, thought leaders, and academia to develop projects, research, new solutions, become a ‘test-bed’ and share best practices

• Opportunity to develop “sister cities” in the Baltic Sea Region and the Chesapeake Bay area, United States


Participate in ‘Innovation Lab’ with the aim to identify cost-effective solutions for local water and wastewater management challenges

• Support in creating business cases around challenge and opportunity

• Identify paths to fund projects including teaming up with partners to create EU funding proposals

• Connect with global leaders around economic opportunities

• Facilitate introductions to financing institutions and private sector actors


• Receive support to package your success story so that it can be shared in your community and globally

• The Accelerator partners will work to lift your success stories across their networks including: Baltic Sea Challenge Network and Union of the Baltic Cities Sustainable Cities Commission (over 200 municipalities and organisations)

• Ensure that your voice is heard at high-level policy meetings and other key events around the region

• Award for participation in the full programme – presented by Niklas Zennström, Swedish Serial Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Skype